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LaTeX Short Course

Presentation materials for the LaTeX Short Course

(Note:  For Windows OS, You may need to right-click the links above and choose "Save As.." to download these files)

CLICK to download all the course materials for the LaTeX in a .zip archive
CLICK to download the Beamer (.pdf) presentation slides only [view as slide show in google docs] [download .tex file]

LaTeX and Stata

     UCLA Site on LaTeX and Stata
        - Stata Journal LaTeX Style  [1] [2
    Automatic Generation of Documents - Gini & Pasquini (2006) [Also, presentation here]
    Making Regression Tables - B.Jann (2007)

    User-Packages (use -findit- in Stata)

^TEXDOC        Stata module to create a LaTeX document including Stata output
^TABOUT        Stata module to export publication quality cross-tabulations
EST2TEX         Stata module to create LaTeX tables from estimation results
^ESTOUT        Stata module to make regression tables
SUTEX              Stata module to LaTeX code for summary statistics tables
MAKETEX       Stata module to generate LaTeX code from a txt file
OUTTABLE     Stata module to write matrix to LaTeX table
CORRTEX        Stata module to generate correlation tables formatted in LaTeX
OUTREG2        Stata module to arrange regression outputs into an illustrative table

           ^ personal favorites

    /Research_Notes Postings

        Example of Stata and LaTeX Integration (forthcoming)
        Working Paper on Document Processing with LaTeX and Stata (forthcoming)

Additional / Online Resources

      CTAN LaTeX package archive search:  http://www.ctan.org/search/
    Click to download the Excel2LaTeX.xla plug-in for MS Excel
    ScribTex Online LaTeX editor: http://www.scribtex.com
     De-Texify - Online Tool to Recognize Handwritten Symbols and Produce LaTeX Code

Word-like Commenting Feature via the package "todonotes" (from CTAN):
        HERE is an example document.

Some PPRI Templates

        HERE is a PPRI report template (built in the article class) 
        HERE is the PPRI presentation template (built in the beamer class)