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The Presidency (3327)


The American Presidency

POLS 3327-001/ 002 Class Time: 10 am/1 pm MWF Location: HH111 /HH109

Instructor: Eric A Booth 

Office Location: HH 16 

Office Phone: 742-0168 

Office Hours: MW 11-12; R 11-12 or by appointment. 

Email: eric.a.booth@ttu.edu; eric.a.booth@gmail.com 

Course Description: This course is discussion driven and will introduce students to a variety of concepts and theories associated with the American Presidency. Students will learn about the history of the institution and how it has changed over time. They will also learn to critically examine the behavior of presidents in their interaction with other branches of government and other governments of the world.

Expected Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

1) identify major political contributions of most American presidents; 

2) trace institutional changes of the presidential institution over time; 

3) identify ways to study the president, both as a person and as an institution; 

4) understand the methods of and alternatives to current presidential selection procedures; 

5) critically assess presidential behavior and public opinion responsiveness.

Understand the dynamics between the president and: 

6) the Congress 7) the courts 8) the executive bureaucracy 9) the Media. 

10) understand the president’s role with foreign policy and foreign governments. 

**Method of Assessment for each will be 2 response papers and 2 essay exams**

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